CBS 46: Tension builds in District 7 race

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga (CBS46) Carolyn Bourdeaux is one of the Democratic candidates for Georgia's 7th Congressional District seat. Only about 400 votes separated her and the incumbent in the last election.

Harrison Floyd is the newest candidate to join the race for the seat as a Republican. Both candidates have a campaign platform.

“I am running for many reasons,” Bourdeaux said. “But some of the top ones are we need top quality affordable healthcare. We need world class education and we need to untangle some of the transportation problems we have here,” she added.

“The biggest crises right now facing our country is combating socialism because it’s like a cancer that is spreading from within, Floyed said.“It’s effecting our society,” he added.

How he said he'll combat socialism in his newly released campaign announcement concerned Bourdeaux. In the ad he said he would fight socialist in Congress the same way he fought terrorist in the desert. While he said that, you see video of him shooting a gun in the desert.

“And here is a political candidate essentially saying he is going to treat his opponents like terrorists and then pulls out a gun and shoots it,” Bourdeaux said.“What does that tell you? The obvious implication there is he is threatening to shoot people. At the most basic level.”

Bourdeaux called the imagery dangerous and inappropriate and wants it taken down. Floyd said that is not his intended message.

“The war on poverty doesn’t mean we are going to shoot at poor people,” Floyd said. “Fighting opioid addiction doesn’t mean we are going to go beat up addicts. So why does my saying that I’m going to fight socialism mean that I’m going to go hurt people?”

Floyd went on to say, “The weapons of a member of congress are words, they’re sound policy, and they’re conviction. Those are the weapons I plan on using.”

Jake Best