Carolyn on Gun Violence


We have lost our way as a country with respect to gun policy and it must stop now. As a mother, I keenly feel the grief of parents who have lost their children – all our children from Parkland to Orlando, from Sandy Hook to Las Vegas - and responses such as “arming our teachers” or in any way inviting more guns into our schools is sickening. We must ban bump stocks, restrict civilian access to military style assault weapons, restrict access to high capacity magazines, and make sure we have universal, comprehensive background checks, closing the gun show loophole.

I honor the students from Parkland who are driving this country to action. Our youth have such potential power, and we need to support them in their mission for change. Our children deserve to live in a world where their biggest worry is studying for a math test, not whether they'll live through the week or watch classmates and teachers die in front of them.

I grew up with guns. My father owned a gun. My grandmother shot squirrels off her bird-feeder from her upstairs porch with a bb gun. My grandfather passed on to my uncle a wonderful historic gun collection, and many members of my family are hunters. But we were taught from an early age that guns are weapons and owning a gun is a serious responsibility – it’s time that our country recognize this as well.