Carolyn on Reform


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Healthy democracies listen and respond to the needs of their citizens. Our current system is dangerously skewed to benefit special interests and extreme partisans. Bipartisan solutions to pressing issues like healthcare are stuck in political limbo—damaging lives and ruining futures. Link

The polarization is worsened by the way our districts are drawn. Incumbent Congressman Rob Woodall himself admits, “It’s gerrymandering that makes these things noncompetitive, right?” He acknowledges that “Gwinnett County, if it was one district, it would be an incredibly competitive district.” [link] We must insist on district lines that are non-partisan, instead of protecting incumbent politicians.

Special interests have too much power in our political system and the public has too little. Overturning Citizens United is an uphill battle, but we must restrict corporate influence on our elections. And we must prioritize small-dollar donors through public-financing matches.