Carolyn on Equity



Every child deserves access to a world class education regardless of zip code. That includes good pre-K options that provide the learning foundation for opportunities later in life. 

Equal Pay is critical. I am so grateful for the progress made by my mother's generation, but we have to keep moving forward and keep making progress. We must close just the gender gap overall, but also the even larger gap that still exists for women of color.

Criminal justice reform is long over due. As a society we claim to believe in equality under the law, now is the time to stand up to the private prison lobby and make this value a reality.

We need to provide basic access to health care for everyone. I have heard so many horror stories of people in this district that lost their job and ability to provide for their family simply because they don't have lack of access to health screenings and other basic care.

These stories include a construction worker who had a stroke that could have been prevented by taking free blood pressure medication if he'd only know he was at risk and a man who lifted boxes for a living who got rheumatoid arthritis and couldn't afford to see a doctor until it was too late to save his joints. These men and so many others who were independant hard working citizens have now lost the dignity of work. They are now on disability with expensive healthcare needs paid for by the state. This is a cycle that we can and need to end.



Charles Morgan