Bourdeaux declares victory in 7th district Congressional runoff

Tonight, Carolyn Bourdeaux, candidate for Georgia’s 7th Congressional district, claimed victory in the 7th congressional district Democratic runoff, officially becoming the Democratic nominee for the seat in November. She will face incumbent Rep. Rob Woodall on Nov. 6.

“I am grateful for the support of the voters of the 7th and thank everyone who came out and participated in the primary and again in the runoff, no matter whom you supported,” said Bourdeaux. “In this primary, we have made enormous strides in bringing new people to the party and energizing Democrats in Gwinnett and Forsyth.”

“I thank my opponent, Mr. Kim, for his hard work in this race and his significant effort to bring new people and new voices to the party,” Bourdeaux continued. “Stepping up to run for office is not easy, and I thank him for putting in the work of a strong campaign. Now, we must all come together and stand up for the country we believe in - one that is inclusive and diverse, and also one with policies grounded in respect for human dignity and compassion. We must invest in our people - in health care, in education and infrastructure.”

“I’ve said all along that this is a seat we can flip in November. Rob Woodall doesn’t serve the best interests of this district, and he has been largely absent for this constituents. When 110,000 people in the district were without health care, Rob Woodall still voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and make people’s lives more difficult. I will make the differences between us crystal clear.”

“Moving forward, our campaign and our movement will only continue to grow stronger. This is about bringing our communities together, people who believe in working together and creating positive change. I am so thankful for all the support I’ve received thus far, and I cannot wait to continue campaigning and earn every vote until the general election.”

Carolyn Bourdeaux was the founding director of Georgia State’s Center on State and Local Finance. She served as director of the Georgia Senate Budget and Evaluation Office and was a legislative aide to U.S. Senator Rod Wyden (D- OR). She earned degrees in history and economics from Yale University, a Master’s degree in public administration at the University of Southern California and her Ph.D. in public administration at Syracuse University, focusing on public finance. In 2003, she moved to Georgia State University to teach at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. In 2013, she was elected to serve as chair of the National Association for Budgeting and Financial Management.

Miko Dougherty