Media Kit

Media Kit

All Democrats need to hear that Carolyn Bourdeaux is an educator and progressive champion stepping up for women’s rights and health care, common sense gun reform, affordable healthcare for all and public schools. She is 100 percent pro-choice and will fight for workplace protections, equal pay and preventative health care, like cancer screenings and birth control. Carolyn will stand up to the NRA for common sense gun reform, like universal background checks to help protect our kids at school and keep our communities safe. Carolyn saw her parents struggle with the cost of prescriptions drugs and will stand up to insurance and pharmaceutical companies to expand Medicaid for all and put patients before profits. Carolyn will stand up to Trump or anyone that tells women to shut up and sit down to make sure our country moves forward not backward.



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Media Inquiries

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Response to Negative Ad


A Response to My Opponent's Attacks - 

For weeks now, my opponent has been attacking me and my record. I want to set the record straight. 

I support public education 100 percent. My parents were teachers. My son goes to public school here in the district. I am a professor at a public university. I believe our children deserve access to a world-class public education, and I will always fight to protect this right.

On health care, I absolutely believe that everyone deserves access to quality, affordable health care. I have been on the record supporting the Affordable Care Act and expanding Medicaid in Georgia for a decade. This fight is very personal for me. I had to watch my parents struggle to afford their medications just before they passed and have heard countless stories from you, the people of Gwinnett and Forsyth, of lives ruined by an inability to afford health care. We must do better, and I will stop at nothing until we do.

My opponent is seemingly trying to blame me for the Great Recession. I was Director of the Senate Budget and Evaluation Office, a non-partisan position, during one of the worst economic downturns since the 1930s. Georgia’s revenues dropped by 20 percent during a two-year period. In my role, I did what I could to soften the blow by finding reserves and pushing to add a needs-based scholarship program. These budgets passed by broad bipartisan majorities because everyone realized the nature of the crisis. I fully supported Jason Carter’s gubernatorial campaign to restore that funding, an election my opponent failed to even vote in. 

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I will always stand up and fight for what is right. When elected, I intend to fight hard every single day to advance the values we believe in.