Media Kit

Media Kit

Voters need to know, especially younger Democrats, independents, and all African Americans, that Democrat Carolyn Bourdeaux wants to make health care more affordable while Republican Rob Woodall voted with Donald Trump to take health care away from nearly 1 million Georgia families while driving up premiums for the rest of us.

Proof Points
Carolyn believes health care is a right, not a privilege.
1. She lost both parents last year and no one should go through what her mother did in her last months – caring for a loved one, overwhelmed with medical bills and the costs of prescription drugs and forced to argue with insurance companies while a loved one is sick.
2. Carolyn will ensure everyone has access to affordable health care, stand up to pharmaceutical companies to lower drug costs, and protect coverage for people with a pre-existing condition.

Woodall supports Donald Trump's agenda of taking health care away from Georgia families and making it cost more.
1. Woodall voted for a plan to take away health insurance from up to 23 million people to give a tax cut to the wealthy.
2. He even said he would keep his taxpayer funded health care “because it’s free” (1:46 of video).
3. The plan supported by Woodall and Trump would cut Medicaid by an estimated $800 Million in Georgia, gut protections for patients with pre-existing conditions, raise premiums, and allow insurance companies to charge older people 5 times more for care. (link)

All African American voters need to read that Carolyn…
1. Is supported by civil rights leader and former Ambassador Andrew Young;
2. Supported President Barack Obama in helping ensure everyone has access to affordable health care;
3. Will work with Stacey Abrams to make health care more affordable for Georgia families; (Link to photo) and
4. Republican Rob Woodall is too close to Donald Trump and has voted with Trump 98% of the time including to take health care away from nearly 1 million Georgia families, gut pre-existing conditions, and raise premiums on people over 50.



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