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The Turn Out 10 Pledge is a great new way you can help Carolyn Bourdeaux win the Democratic nomination to defeat the incumbent and go to Congress in November! All you have to do is get 10 friends, neighbors, or family members to the polls. Then show the world you didーand encourage even more folks in your network to vote in the runoff by July 24th!

Here's how it works:

CONTACT your turn out 10

Identify 10 people to reach out to before or on July 24th, and call them to help them make a plan to vote in the runoff. Get inspired with sample language below!

POST your turn out 10

Share a Selfie Sign every time you get a commitment from your Turn Out 10. Type @Carolyn Bourdeaux for Congress in your Facebook post to tag us, and @carolyn4GA7 on Twitter!


Don't stop thereーcall your Turn Out 10 back and confirm that they're getting to the polls by July 24th. Check polling locations here. And recruit them to Turn Out 10 too!

What to say to your Turn Out 10:

Hi! You know how concerned I am about the situation in the country right now, and I know you are too. We can’t sit back while our representatives support destructive policies on (pick an issue: taxes, healthcare, immigration, education, transit...).
I’ve started to pay close attention to elections in Georgia, and I’ve gotten excited about Democrat Carolyn Bourdeaux’s race for US Congress here in Georgia’s 7th district. Carolyn is an expert in healthcare, public finance, transit and education policy who has been in public service her whole career. She is a strong supporter of reasonable gun safety and humane immigration policies. And she has what it takes to beat the Trump-supporting Republican incumbent in November!

But first she has to win the nomination. Carolyn is in a special run-off election July 24th, and I have committed to turning out 10 voters to the polls on or before then. I am calling to ask if you would be one of my Turn Out 10! Will you commit to vote, either early (through July 20th) or on Election Day July 24th?

To help your Turn Out 10 get to the polls, look up their voting information here.