why i'm running


As the mother of a six-year-old, I care deeply about my son’s future and the future of all our children. We need a representative with the courage to stand up for our children's safety, for our right to affordable health care and the right of all our children to a world class education from pre-K through to the job market of their choosing.

Our district represents the vibrant future of the United States. We are diverse and global in population and outlook, while also graced with smaller communities that emphasize education, green space, and quality of life. However, we need to make some changes.

We need affordable health care that is accessible to everyone. I personally witnessed my parents’ struggle with the rising costs of health care and prescription drugs. We need a representative who will make sure that every adult and child in this country has access to affordable, quality health care.

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I am also concerned that our President is tearing at the fabric of our democracy. I am not okay with that. We need a representative who will provide a serious check on our current President while working to reform our democracy to be more inclusive and less beholden to special interests.

In recognition of my public service and my ability to be effective for the people of this district, I have been endorsed by Congressmen Johnson, Ambassador Andrew Young and former Senator Max Cleland as well as many local leaders.

I would deeply appreciate your support in this journey to reclaim our country and invest in our children’s future.